Prayer Request: I ask that you pray with me for my family, to be close again. That M. would soften her heart to the family & I am praying she and T. find one another again! I truly believe that God put them together they were just young & stubborn. Let them forgive & forget the bad. For the good far out ways the bad! Let M. husband calm down, lose his temper & become a good husband. His bad language & drinking stop. Bless my grandson R. who has autism to have a major maturity change, his adhd to calm down. Let him have a great school year in his new school, let the teachers be loving & understanding. No more harsh people in his life Jesus I ask you remove anyone not in it for the good of Ry. Only Jesus can do all of this! I thank God for all of my gifts. And I thank God for all of my miracles & blessings coming! IJNIP

-I love my friends and family