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The Ministry Of Marriage

Marriage is a ministry because marriage is a reflection of Christ’s love and relationship with the church. For this reason Satan has declared war on marriages, and has caused many woman to select the man they want instead of the man that God has for them. this podcast helps equip women for dating, marriage, and the gap in between. -“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10:9 NIV


Embracing Your Sexy Part 2

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 17: Embracing Your Sexy Part2

Embracing Your Sexy Part 1

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 17: Embracing Your Sexy Part1

Marriage In The Golden Years

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 16: The Gray Hair Marriage

Money The Great Divide

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 16: Money The Great Divide

Happy Wife Is A Choice

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 15: Happy Wife

Marriage But Living Seperate Lives

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 14: Seperate Lives

Her King/His Queen

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 13: Her King - His Queen

Widowed Love/ Loving Again

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 12: Widowed Love

Gentle And Quiet Spirit Is Hard

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 11: Gentle And Quiet Spirit

Seasons Of Marriage

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 10: Seasons Of Marriage

Generational Curses And Marriage

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 9: Generational Curses And Marriage

All These Things

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 8: All These Things

A Good Man Part 3

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 7: A Good Man Part 3

A Good Man Part 2

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 6: A Good Man Part 2

A Good Man Part 1

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 5: A Good Man Part 1

The Fall Of Marriage

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 4: The Fall Of Marriage

God's Ministry Of Marriage Established

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 3: Marriage Established

The First Marriage

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 2: The First Marriage

Introduction To The Ministry Of Marriage Podcast

by Shelle Frelo | Episode 1:The Introduction

Jesus is truly the best antidote to a troubled marriage. If you don’t know Christ as your Savior there’s no day like today to change that.

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Shelle Frelo

Shelle Frelo

Podcast Founder & Host

Meet Shelle

Shelle Frelo is Founder & President of Ministries is an international ministry for women and youth. She also founded its daughter ministries –,,, HerFaithVillage-Gatherings, HerFaithVillage-Online Community.

Shelle teaches that God is not only able but wants to get us through the storms of life, help us to have victory, and enable us to thrive in our faith.. Shelle has appeared on TBN’s “Praise The Lord”, She has also authored dozens of Bible studies used by churches, ministries, and youth groups, spoken at numerous events, and hosts annual women’s and youth conferences and retreats.

Shellē shares her contemporary messages from real life experiences and practical biblical principles. Shelle not only draws her audiences into a deeper awareness of God; she shows them how to walk more intimately with Him day by day, her conversational style of speaking, and the ability to make you laugh out loud; while taking a close look at yourself makes you feel that you are listening to a good friend.

Her messages are thought provoking, life changing, genuine, and most of all Christ centered. Her presentations flow from her desire to help people “Get Real” about their walk with Christ or lack thereof.

Shelle’s key message is “live life through God’s Word applied to everyday life.”

Isn’t it wonderful that in an ever changing world Christ remains the same, and His power is at work in our marriage, dating, and in the rebuilding our relationships. Ministries is dedicated to helping women and youth know Jesus on an intimate level. Shelle Frelo has founded a network of ministries under the mother ministry

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