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Family And Friends Are Important

Family/Friendship Prayer Request: I ask that you pray with me for my family, to be close again. That M. would soften her heart to the family & I am praying she and T. find one another again! I truly believe that God put them together they were just young & stubborn. Let them forgive & forget the bad. For the good far out ways the bad! Let M. husband calm down, lose his temper & become a good husband. His bad language & drinking stop. Bless my grandson R. who has autism to...

Home of the free

It is heart breaking to see what's happening to my country. to be so helpless to help those that have so much hate in their heart. Please pray for God to cause these hearts to turn to Him for only then will my country be healed. - Zarita

Forgiveness Is Hard

My mamma and I haven't spoken in 10 years. She did a lot of stuff when I was growing up. I know I should forgive her but I've tried so many times and its really hard. I need to, I even want to but I just can't seem to. Please pray for forgiveness for everyone who is going through this same problem thank you. -Anonymous

Long Distant Marriage

Please pray for my marriage my husband is a missionary, I have to stay home because our child can't travel right now. Please pray for our strength, that I not become bitter and that our marriage can make it through the distant. Amy

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